50 teams signed up so far! 14 spots left!
April 16th - WAITLIST!
April 23rd - 14 spots left!
* April 23rd squad will have the Youth tournament scholarship winners check & jersey media coverage presentation event at 1pm! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Sign up for a squad today! Or change partners and bowl BOTH squads! This tournament directly funds the LARGEST ($5,000) youth bowling scholarship in the Tri-State area! It's a great time out and for a great cause. Sounds like a winning combination right?

Phil jones doubles squad entries updated:

1st Squad Sunday, April 16th @ 10am

1 Aniesa Grabowski & Pat McDonald

2 Vince Soriano & Mark Soriano

3 Michael Trygar & Danm Trygar

4 Brianne Font & Kenneth Thompson

5 Rick McGee & Vince Boticelli - Paid

6 Gary Ladomirak Sr. & Mike Muller - Paid

7 Gary Ladomirak Jr. & Lisa McGee - $50 Paid

8 Paul Magnotta & PJ Guse

9 Joan Magnotta & Chris Guzzi

10 Chris Mastrantuono & Marilyn Mastrantuono

11 Ed Ladomirak & Gregory Matyjevich

12 Josh Hart & Andrew Gipe - Paid Paypal

13 Sarah & Nick Estabrook - Paid Cash

14 Kathy & Mark Pearce

15 Charleen Bixby & Jeff Catalano

16 Frank Snyder Jr. & Frank Snyder Sr. - $50 Paid

17 Bob Petrillo & Lisa Murrin - Paid

18 James Allan & Jesse Krzan

19 John Radzikowski & Peter Davis Jr. - Paid

20 Ken August & Bill Stimpel

21 William Hebner & Joe Cianci

22 Jon Price & Eddie Gray

23 Casey Pearce & Ruthanna Clark - Paid

24 Dylan Shaffer & Bruce Shorten

25 Tom Univitch & Brian Cowley

26 David Hafer & Bryan Roehm

27 Renee Thomas & Shawn Barry

28 Stanley Booths & Susane Sweeney

29 Ken Broskoskie & Ed Bortree

30 Scott Zurat & Kristen Ricciardi

31 Jammie Updegrove & Audrey Rodrigues

32 Steven Luckey & Nathan Luckey

2nd Squad Sunday, April 23rd @ 10am

1 Adam Grabowski & Allan Ross

2 Dave Price & Jon Price

3 Cathy Wargo & Tyler Eisenhauer

4 Michael Trygar & Kenneth Thompson

5 Brianne Font & Julio Font

6 PJ Guse & Billy Bracey

7 Rick McGee & Lisa McGee - $50 Paid

8 Kristen & Brandon Ricciardi

9 Eugene Kashuba & Gene Kashuba - Paid

10 Stan Booths & Sarah Estabrook

11 Nicol Sveen & Paul Schcappe - Paid

12Mike Straut & Stephanie Eisenhauer

13 Stacey Seana & Eric Mosher

14 Andrew Vaughan & Kristal Virkitis

15 Casey Pearce & Ruthanna Clark - Paid

16 Ken Lillie & Raquel Boehmer

17 Bill Cron & Audrey Rodrigues

18 Paul Magnotta & Joan Yesalavage Magnotta

19 Kurtis Very & Brandon Griffin

20 Paul locker & Pete Rambone

21 Steven Luckey & Nathan Luckey

We would love to Thank our 2023 Tournament Sponsors!!!


Hugo Vending


Fidelity Bank

Sylvester Chevrolet

Convenient Food Mart Jermyn

The Club at the Highlands

Lamar Advertising

Get It Right Tape

Big Chief Market & Beverage
Elemental Infusions
NET Credit Union

Lane Sponsors:
Get It Right Tape
NEPA Home & Lawn Care
Burke's HVAC & Plumbing
Bambi Lynn Wilson Seamstress
Bednash Petroleum
Dime Bank Carbondale
NBT Bank Carbondale
Mountainhome Bowling Center
DeLeo's Catering
American Legion 610
Barucky Brother Auto
Ejay Tire
Golden Karat
Pete's Place
Pinky's Family Restaurant
Santarelli's Gas Station
Styles Unlimited
VBL Pro Shop
Tons of Fun DJ's
Peanut Bar
RC Canada Dry
Idle Hours Entertainment
Black Sheep Tattoo

Sar's Body Shop

Basket & Gift Card Sponsors:
Lamar Advertising
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Kathy Pearce
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Quinns Market
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Ruth Chris Steakhouse
Olive Garden
TGI Fridays
Steve & Irene's
Wayne's Family Diner
Longworth's Family Restaurant
DG's Bar
Reina's Place
Queen of Tarts
Jennifer's Hair Studio
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Two Brother's Restaurant
Bingham's Family Restaurant
Weis Carbondale
Royal Pizza
Franks Place
Happy Day Chinese
Giant Supermarket
Dante's Deli
Leo's Delicatessen
Pierogie's & Pizza Plus
Laura's Pizza & Hoagies
Great Wall
Chris Barney
Joan Grabowski
Mary Lagana - Locker

A HUGE THANK YOU to our media partner Bold Gold Media and 105 the River for promoting our 1st Annual Phil Jones Memorial Tri-State (PA,NY,NJ) Youth Scholarship Tournament on April 1st & 2nd. Michael Stanton did an amazing job on this spot and we can't thank him enough!! Can't wait to hear it live on air! Tune in to the station that supports this fantastic event! Click the logo below to hear our radio ad!

Youth tournament updated roster:



85 youth bowlers signed up so far to bowl for a MINIMUM OF $5,000 in scholarship money!

1st Annual Phil Jones Memorial Tri-State (PA, NY , NJ) Youth Scholarship Tournament

Tournament Dates:

Saturday, April 1st @ 1pm (64 spots)

Sunday, April 2nd @ 11am (96 Spots)

*Entries accepted up to 30 minutes

prior to squad start times

*Re-Entry IS allowed

Bowler List Saturday, April 1st @ 1pm: 24 entries

Erika Hollis - Paid

Mackenzie Pearce - Paid

Liam Feeney - Paid

Nathan Dronse - Paid

Josiah Graves

Codie Tempe - Paid

K'Lee Tempe - Paid

Lorelai Saranchuck - Paid

Sam Dutkiewicz

Nick Dutkiewicz

Alyssa Randisi - Paid

Nolan Randisi - Paid

Andru Blaney - Paid

Elex Weisman - Paid

Joseph Lamoreaux - Paid

Joshua Lamoreaux - Paid

Hunter Covert - Paid

Koen Turner - Paid

Kyle Thomas - Paid

Camryn stefanini - Paid

Brady Colon - Paid

Rahsaan Brown Jr - Paid

Madison Gigliello - Paid

Morgan Gigliello - Paid

Bowler List Sunday, April 2nd @ 11am: 61 entries

Alex DeCandis - Paid

Julie DeCandis - Paid

Anthony DiBlasi - Paid

Jerry Kuhn - Paid

Joshua Bivins - Paid

Aidan Grabowski

Aaron Grabowski

Athan Grabowski

Alora Brown - Paid

Deshawn Byrd, Jr. - Paid

Connor Sansky - Paid

Zachary Frank - Paid

Elizabeth Miller

Sam Dutkiewicz

Nick Dutkiewicz

Christopher Collins - Paid

Max Joseph - Paid

Jacob Podumajec - Paid

Alexander Hanicak - Paid

Mithramdir Loutan - Paid

Cassidy Levens - Paid

Mason Koester - Paid

Joseph Enderle - Paid

Joey Kelsch - Paid

Margaret Lawyer

Seth Mrak - Paid

Colin Taggart - Paid

Koen Turner - Paid

Logan Morse

Robbie McNally - Paid

McKenna Kessler - Paid

Colten Christensen - Paid

Mark Ottone - Paid

Aaliyah Barnes

Natalia Mann

Morgan Traver

Aaron Wood - Paid

McKenzie Miller - Paid

Jonathan Ottone - Paid

Chase Smith - Paid

Ryan Haberkern - Paid

Mikeal Najarro - Paid

Zachary Smith

Austin Wolcott - Paid

Joseph Lamoreaux - Paid

Joshua Lamoreaux - Paid

Caelyn Brown - Paid

Victoria McCoy - Paid

Kamden Hockenbrock

Ann Pica - Paid

Joseph Pica - Paid

Ethan Roberts

Michael Webb

Jonathan Smith

Sebastian Quirindongo - Paid

Michael Wesolowski - Paid

Payge Pesotini - Paid

Piper Pesotini - Paid

Madison Ferri - Paid

Ariana Visneski

Tommy Rawa

2022-23 Tournament Results

One Ball Winner: Brandon Ricciardi

New Years Day Winner: Tim Decker

Champion: Tim Decker

Over/Under 50 Winners: Mark Pearce & Casey Pearce

2021-22 Tournament Results

4th Annual House Shot Hero: Bob Cicci

Phil jones tournament Winner: Eric Mosher & Stacey Seana

Octoberfest Scratch Challenge Winner: Joseph Sutton

Turkeyfest Scratch Challenge Winner: James Fleming

Holiday Scratch Challenge Winner: Mike Sumerano

New Years Day Heaven and Hell Tournament Winner:

James Fleming

Heartbreaker Scratch Challenge winner: 

Ryan Galli

March Madness winner:

Winner: Jason Cornog

2020-21 Tournament Results

Spring Fling Winner

 Jim Thomas

House Shot Hero Tournament Winner

Winner of March Madness Scratch Challenge 

Shaun Kucharski

Heartbreaker Tournament Winner

Heaven and Hell Winner
Jim Taylor

2022 House Shot Hero Tournament Results